Aloysius Pang's funeral was held over the weekend at 82A Macpherson Lane. Many fans, young and old came to grief and pay their respects to him. While funerals are a generally sad event, there are no rules that you can't show any other emotions. Some people laugh while they reminisce about the good old times. Some smile sadly and some just cry.

Influencer Soh Pei Shi was caught on camera by a Today reporter, laughing. The picture was published on their Instagram page. Soh Pei Shi then received a lot of flak for laughing at the funeral. Netizens were asking "what's so funny", "why is she so rude", etc.

While we understand why the fans are angry with her for laughing at the funeral, they should also come to terms with the fact that some people have different coping mechanisms.

Soh Pei Shi then posted a Insta story to apologize and explain her side of the story:

She explained that she was having a private discussion with her friends about an old story with Aloysius. Which they laughed about as it was a happy memory. She then subsequently apologized for how the picture turned out. 

However, her good friend Jayley Woo spoke up for her after she apologized for the messes:

Jayley thought that Soh Pei Shi didn't have to apologize as she did nothing wrong and hoped that those who jumped to conclusions would apologize instead.

While we are all grieving, we should also keep in mind that everybody has different ways of coping. Some think of the happy memories while some just want to break down and cry. We should not be too quick to assume that some people do not have any respect for the departed.

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