If a sales person shouts for you to come back as you have not paid for an item after you paid and left the shop, would you be embarrassed? Maybe. But would you get angry because of the incident and start taking a video of the sales person? Most likely not. We would explain the situation nicely to the sales person and be on our way.

Not for this particular video taker. She alleges that the sales person was shouting after her even though she has already paid for the item. Because of how "malu" she felt, she decided to start videoing the sales person and started to berate her. Is this fair?

Her Youtube video description writes:

I bought a pair of shoes from Skechers, Nex outlet. I brought it to exchange the size of the same shoe at Singapore Post Centre 2 days later. The skinny lady was very rude. She ran out of her shop, shouting and pointing finger at my mother " come back! You have not paid for your shoes!" It was off work time around 6pm on Friday, 1 Feburary. She made my mother embarrass by accusing my mother of stealing. Her colleague then came out of the shop to apologise. But this incident had create a very bad mental effect on my mother. I hope viewers will alert on this matter and beware of that skinny lady.

Relax la. Misunderstanding only right?

Watch the full video here:


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