Is it heng for Singaporeans that Heng Swee Keat may well be the next Prime Minister? According to the Singapore Democratic Party's latest publication, they are not so sure.

It is no surprise that Heng is the Chosen One, but will he enact changes to improve the lives of Singaporeans? Let's all face it: Singaporeans are having to deal with more problems as society advances. Will the age of Heng see an solution to these problems or will it make things worse?

According to the SDP, Heng did not seem to have done enough when he was Education or Finance Minister. "Judging by what Mr Heng has said and done in the past, it seems that he is more concerned about toeing the party line rather than thinking and acting out of the box for Singapore's sake."

He did not tweak the education system enough to foster an environment where students can think critically and creatively, nor did he do anything to prevent tax hikes and price increases. Thanks to this, Singapore can be proud that we are the most, if not one of the most expensive cities in the world today.

"Mr Heng has not articulated a plan that would take this country to a brighter future. Instead, he has been on auto-pilot mode cruising along with his fellow ministers, bankrupt of ideas but continuing to collect the astronomical salaries that they all feel entitled to. 

No matter who gets chosen to be the next PM, the PAP script has been written and all the next leader will do is to follow it. Nothing has changed - and therein lies the danger for Singapore."

Heng or suay? Not like we have a say. 

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