Driving taxi is a lonely profession. The job makes you feel alone. You don't have someone close to chat with except for passenger. You have no friends, no colleagues, no boss to talk to and share. Spending time alone in the taxi close to 10 hours of driving. If you meet good passenger, you are happy. But if you get a bad passenger with attitude and disrupting your job, your day is spoil. Bad mood follow until reach home.


One good day, with high income from more passenger, you can cover rental and get some decent cash for daily. If not the bad days just enought to cover rental and maybe the petrol even after one whole day driver.


Maybe some say I lie if cannot cover rental for driving whole day. But some bad days are really bad days. And I not good with the new technology like zello, watsapp or use video call other.


Even worse bad day.. saman or accident. 

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