What is the point of going to the hospital if its supposedly first world healthcare fails Singaporeans? 

A woman complained on Facebook about her traumatic encounter with KK Women's and Children's Hospital. She said that she visited Tan Tock Seng Hospital because she was bleeding profusely, only to be transferred to KK, where she was sent home. 

"I was bleeding non-stop for days. It was like menstruation but the bleeding was heavy and nonstop... The doctor said there was no difference between staying in the hospital or at home. I was just given medication to stop the bleeding."

The woman fainted the next day.

She was sent to KK again but claimed that nobody attended to her. She was allegedly left in an observation room for a night.

It was only when she pressed the doctors about the pain in her body did they let her go through a closer inspection.

That was when they found out that she had already suffered a stroke and had missed the "golden window" for stroke treatment:

"As I was not attended to and treatment was delayed, I passed the golden time for treatment. The left side of my body is very badly affected."

She knows that there is nothing much they can do now due to the belated realisation but she hopes to create awareness so that similar instances can be avoided. 

"I used to be an independent woman. But now my mobility is severely restricted. I need a wheelchair to move around. My left hand is still unable to move."

Just who can Singaporeans trust in times of need? Perhaps our first world healthcare is very much lacking and far from being first world. 


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