The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently arrested two Malaysians for working here illegally as food delivery riders, even though they entered Singapore on social visit passes (SVP).

According to a local, there are some 20 to 50 Malaysians working as food delivery riders. They usually work in the city area to avoid suspicion. 

This operation is reportedly led by a Malaysian man whose modus operandi was to approach local food delivery riders for their spare accounts. He will then use the accounts to carry out food delivery by himself, giving a 5 percent cut to the account owners.

Thereafter he would recruit Malaysian riders to carry out deliveries with those account. In return, he would allegedly get 30 percent of their daily takings, meaning that he can earn up to $300 a day.

According to MOM, all food delivery companies will be required to review and refine their processes to ensure that such illlegal use of accounts do not continue.

This enforcement action is timely. However, the mastermind remains at large and could continue carrying out hsi scheme in a different place.

Our local riders are trying to earn a decent living. Such illegal riders are essentially stealing from the rice bowls of our local riders. Our riders already have to contend with the high cost of living here while those illegal riders steal from their rice bowls and can enjoy their spoils in Malaysia.  This is unfair.


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