An Australian man, who was in the Business Class section of a Scoot Tigerair flight from Sydney to Singapore, was sentenced to three weeks in jail after he was found guilty of molesting a stewardess on the flight.

The man, named as Paranjape Niranjan Jayant, was traveling on the flight on August, when he took a fancy to one of the stewardess, and proceeded to caress the 25 year old's left hip as she was working in the galley. The stewardess moved away from him, but he persisted by saying how beautiful she was, but returned to his seat. During the rest of the flight, the man went up to the stewardess a few times to ask for her phone number, which she ignored. About an hour before landing, the man proceeded to molest her again. The stewardess immediately reported the incident to her supervisor, and later lodged a police report upon landing at Changi T2. 

The man pleaded leniency, quoting his lack of ability to handle his alcoholic drink.

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