Many of us Singaporeans love to go overseas to take time off from work and just relax. We go to nearby South East Asian countries such as our neighbour Malaysia, Thailand and even Vietnam as services such as massages are much cheaper in these countries as compared to Singapore.

However, local influencer Shiberty might have regretted her decision to get massaged in Vietnam. She went for a massage on New Years Eve in Vietnam only to get molested. She did not release the story until now in fear of dampening everybody's holiday spirit.

A male masseuse allegedly molested her during the service and even continued to do so after she asked him to stop. The alleged molester was daring enough to do it even though her boyfriend and a female masseuse were in the same room.

The massage parlour was introduced to her by a follower. Shiberty claimed that everything was great up to the point where she got molested.

Let this be a lesson to all of us to be careful. Even though a place might have good reviews, it does not mean that bad things might happen. All it takes is one black sheep to ruin your experience.

You can read her full story below:

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