After Edmund Zhong revealed that he commented that comment for fun and mentioned that it was a matter of freedom of speech (Read more: Man Asked To Lim Kopi For Egg Comment Claimed That He Did It For 'Entertainment'), K Shanmugam revealed on his Facebook page about his side of the 'story'.

Minister Shanmugam revealed that he initially 'laughed it off' when he saw the comment. However the police told him about Zhong's background - how he was an advocate for Cannabis and how he was charged for the use of it in the past. Minster Shanmugam proceeded to reveal all these details and made a passive aggressive statement saying:

I am much more concerned about his public comments, on his FB, on his attitude to narcotics. I hope he does not actually experiment further with cannabis, regardless of how desirable he thinks drugs are.

Netizens are questioning his action of posting this on his Facebook page. They questioned if this will destroy the young man's future and if digging out his history was just Shanmugam's way to cover up/divert our attention from his pettiness towards the comment.

After all, what has egging someone got to do with cannabis? 

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