Soh Rui Yong, Singapore's two time SEA games champion marathoner has been embroiled in a dispute with Singapore Athletics, the association which governs and is responsible for all aspects of athletics within Singapore. Soh has already sent them a lawyers letter demanding for a public apology as well as damages for libel, including aggravated damages.

Soh was rejected by the SNOC this year from taking part in the SEA games. 

In the latest brouhaha, he posted an image of him at the Standard Chartered marathon which he also went up against Singapore Athletic's ten men "Team Singapore Elite". The caption was as follows when first posted: 


It has now been edited to say "Endure and overcome!"

In the photo, Soh can also be seen trying to look for his hydration bottle. Is Singapore Athletics so petty as to do such a thing? Or were they trying their best to show that their "Team Singapore Elite" is better? What if the runner gets a heat stroke halfway through his run? Or are they THAT incompetent that they can't even place a bottle at the respective stations?

Whatever it is, it seems as though the officials in Singapore are incredibly thin-skinned and petty. A state run by "elites" who can't tell they are wrong.

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