Are our Ministers not paid well enough?

Recently, New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern turned down a $12,000 pay raise because she and her colleagues thought that they are already enjoying high wages. She currently draws about $427,000. Oh look, that's mediocre in Goh Chok Tong's definition!

Wait, there's more. New Zealand ministers have also agreed to go on a pay freeze because they feel that "MPs are paid well above the average worker, so giving them a percentage rise accentuates their higher pay. When it is right for MPs to get a rise, they should get the same in dollar terms as what the average worker receives."


Well hello ESM Goh, what do you have to say to this? Are our Ministers really not paid well? Or are New Zealand ministers mediocre like us common Singaporeans?

Do our Ministers know how shallow they look when they accentuate their fat paychecks in our faces? Do they even understand the daily struggles and trivial problems that Singaporeans face? Are they trying to solve our problems for the sake of progress or are they solving our problems with their heart? Who are they to claim that they are not paid well enough? 

We gave them a big job to do and yes, they have big shoes to fill, but that does not give them the right to be entitled or arrogant to complain that they are not paid well. Please. Don't just ownself check ownself. Don't fire at the citizens who helped you come this far. Look and learn from other countries. Can?


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