What would you do if you had $1 million? 

DPM Teo Chee Hean recently spoke at Parliament to clarify that ministerial salaries are "totally transparent" with no hidden perks. According to the Parliamentary session, ministers in Singapore enjoy a $1.1 million salary "norm". This amount already includes their bonus components. On the other hand, the PM earns at least $2.2 million excluding his performance bonus. 

Our political officeholders are earning millions but claim that they are not paid enough. How is this amount not enough for them to get by? How can they be earning so much yet telling citizens to save money? How dare they say that $1000 is enough for Singaporeans to get HDB flats?

Most Singaporeans will give anything to earn a similar amount except we are not paper generals. However, that means we have to work harder to earn lesser, only to be told by our beloved Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong that we are "mediocre". As if that is not enough, our honorable PM Lee Hsien Loong nags at us to save money! How will it NOT make anyone angry? 

There is no point if they are "totally transparent" but end up being overpaid. The more important questions are if Singaporeans find them overpaid and if we have any issues with the way their wages are calculated. Like how the Workers' Party put it, does the way their salaries are calculated remain reasonable? Did our ministers sacrifice in some ways to go about political service? Do they deserve the amount they are enjoying? 

Our dear ministers should look into what Singaporeans feel about their salary structure. They should stop complaining about what they are receiving, perks or no perks. It is annoying how they whine about things when they get to enjoy so much more and do not even serve Singaporeans properly. 

So what would you do with $1 million? Give it to an ordinary Singaporean and he/she may actually be able to do more for the needy.

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