Bryan was shocked to know that his car key could fall out of his condo's mailbox on its own when Singpost's postman open his mailbox to deliver letters. 

To explain why his car key is in the mailbox, Bryan claimed that his car's workshop's staff has dropped it in this mailbox after the workshop was done with servicing his car. The only people who have access to his mailbox are, his wife, Singpost and himself. 

In his disbelief, Bryan said:

So naturally I called Singpost, who told me they would get back to me within 3 working days, but I was obviously worried that whoever tool my key would come back and take my car from my condo in the middle of the night, so I proceeded to buy a steering lock whilst waiting for reply from Singpost. 3 days later, the mailman & Singpost told me that my key "Fell" out of my letterbox as the mailman was delivering letters.

It is still shocking to know that the postman brought Bryan's car key which has dropped out of his mailbox on its own to SIngpost instead of returning it to the condo's lost & found office.

Is this the kind of standard and levels that Singpost, our national mail carrier? Will you still trust Singpost?

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