A Singaporean Redditor has since been banned from Reddit for posting about a SCDF Warrant Officer's supposed lewd behaviour. The Redditor went on to r/askSingapore and wrote a post about his SCDF paramedic warrant officer. In his "exposé", he wrote that this paramedic has been going for 'pretty young patients' and overexposed them unnecessarily. He gave some examples in his post such as:

Pulling her top all the way to the neck and unclip her bra to expose her boobs; purposely going for upskirt position with patient wearing short skirt, etc. 

The thing like ECG where you don't need to fully open her chest area and can be done more discreetly.

The redditor mentioned that many complaints have already been filed against him for his unethical behavior but it seems like the station is trying to cover up. The officer has also made life difficult for colleagues/juniors who voiced out their concerns against him.

The redditor also mentioned that the investigations against the officer is finally being taken more seriously because of a statement he made to his colleague after doing his deed 

"How's the free show just now?"

The redditor claims that this warrant officer is currently stationed at the East side of Singapore. He urged people to be by your friends/family's side when they are being attended to by a Warrant Officer paramedic and to question them if they find anything amiss.

You can read his full post here:


We tried to reach out to the Redditor however the account has since been banned and the thread has since been removed. Therefore we are unable to confirm if any of the above information is true. If it is, it would look very badly on our SCDF.

And maybe... they banned the Redditor to cover up this revelation. -WEARS TINFOIL HAT- Just kidding, don't anyhow hor.

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