Chairman/Founder of HR Matters 21, Martin Gabriel, talked about how bad the current job market situation is in Singapore on his personal Facebook profile. In the post he said:

I don’t usually discuss confidential part of my work so openly, but I think it’s good to alert everyone, how bad the job market is. Recently my client advertised for a junior secretary position for a salary of about 3k plus. What was astonishing was that, even senior Managers and Directors were applying for that position. Most of them, out of work for more than 6 months. More than a 100 applications were received for one position with about 25% of the applicants above 40 years of age and previously held senior positions making much much more than 3k. That’s is how bad the job market situation is in Singapore.

Can you believe that? Senior managers and directors are applying for a junior secretary position. In his comments, he also mentioned that he is expecting to see things getting worse, especially this year, before it gets better. 

Needless to say, his post went viral with many Sinkies agreed with him about how bad the situation is now. They also thanked him for this piece of information as our 151 media will never report on how bad the situation is. Our ministers have been telling us for years that things will get better for us. But it does not appear so at all. 

Will things ever get better for us? Will our ministers ever fight for us rather than getting more FTs in and giving them jobs?


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