Workers Party Chief and Member of Parliament Pritam Singh recently shared on his Facebook a chance meeting with a Malaysian men's netball team while he and his WP team were doing their rounds at the Bendemeer Road hawker centre and market. In his post, he indicated that the Malaysians were warm and very friendly, and were great ambassadors for Malaysia, totally different form the hate spewed online by Malaysians on Singapore, and vice versa.

The men's team were in Singapore for a netball tri-nation tournament held at the SUTD. Both Malaysians and Singaporeans exchanged friendly banter, and Mr Pritam Singh observed that this was is stark contrast with the shrill, jingoistic and racist online comments from some Singaporeans and Malaysians as a result of the security events of the last few days. He also indicated that social media have given rise to extremist views, and that most Malaysians and Singaporeans are actually very amicable to each other outside of the social network bubble. 

Pritam Singh ended his FB post by calling on both sides to be level-headed and think of their fellow countrymen and children. Probably the only politician who have his head screwed on right during this mini crisis with Malaysia in the past few weeks. 



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