Despite raising more than $1 million for their lawsuit and gaining the hearts of Singaporeans, WP's Sylvia Lim, Pritam Singh and Low Thia Khiang continue to get battered in Court. Yesterday, FM Solutions and Services (FMSS) owner How Weng Fan took the stand and had ugly things to say about AHTC Chairman Sylvia Lim. 

In a recording that was revealed, How complained to a KPMG staff about Lim's mismanagement of the Town Council, which was painstakingly set up by her late husband and her. She said that Lim was aware but withheld information about improper payments to auditors. Based on her account, Lim was the one who wanted to do away with the computerised management system, AIM, instead. 

How had wanted to replace her with Low Thia Khiang but was rejected. She said that she wanted someone more experienced to tide them through the first few years as Lim was hopeless, inexperienced and only cared about herself. She felt cheated when they did not heed her request. 

In a dramatic turn, she blamed Lim for causing stress to her husband, who even had to work and calculate staff bonuses while on a holiday in Japan. He died of a heart attack. "You know I had to lose my husband... because of her". 

Is this woman ok? Things are definitely not looking good for Sylvia Lim. With our opposition members getting battered like this, what will happen to the future of politics in Singapore?

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