Following the match against Yemen at the Singapore Sports Hub yesterday, an incident involving the management and our own local supporters became the highlight.

This video caught a partial conversation between representatives of the two sides.

It is said that the Sports Hub people wanted to remove a "dangerous" banner put up by the supporters during the game.

However as the Singa Brigade cheer was so loud, their conversation could not be heard in the video.

You can see that despite them removing the banner, the supporters put up a solid arguement with the management people who were not going to back down.

Eventually another representative of the supporters ended off the conversation amicably, with constant nodding and just full of cooperation.

After the management people started walking away, some of the supporters at the back shouted insults at them.

In an update given not long later, it is said that it was FIFA Match Commisioner that asked to remove the said banner.

And that there were also other "logistical problems" by the Singapore Sports Hub like pre-approved flag poles not being allowed to use etc.

Many netizens asked what was this mysterious banner.

All we know is that from the video, the banner that the supporters removed was black in color.

Some said that it had a text sayng "Have a nice day". 


So leceh and Singapore football is not doing well.

Luckily we still have fans, supporters that turn up for local matches yet kena harrassed.

How to support Singapore football like this? 

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