What would you do if you see a man in make up eating his dim sum? Normal people would just carry on with their lives. Well drag queen Becca D'Bus was allegedly harassed by a group of boys while having a meal. The full FB post states

"This group of boys just thought it would be cute to police my gender by sending one representative to come over to me while I was eating, put his face in mine, and ask me to justify my choices of wearing nail polish and stained lips. They also thought it would be cute to yell the words "you gay ah?!" when I got up to pay at the cashier.
Do you know these boys? Or their parents or guardians? Do let them know that they have been TERRIBLY raised. Surely everybody knows it is rude to interrupt a fat person when they eat."

Becca D'Bus also shared a photo of the boys sitted at their table. Is this acceptable behaviour from our youths these days? Shouldn't we learn to live in harmony?

See Becca D'Bus's full post here:

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