Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan said that he felt 2018 was a much better year for public transport, and particularly for train reliability. He then attributed the good performance of the SMRT trains to new SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong, whom Khaw described as a good leader.

In a further slap to the face to former SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek, Neo replaced him effectively only on August 1, which meant that Khaw had indicated the appointment of less than 5 months of Neo had helped turn the corner, while Desmond Kuek's tenure, which included for most of this year, was the one causing trouble. 

Khaw also pressed his point that having good leaders means things which are in trouble can be turned around, and again used Neo as his example. Of course, both appointments were rubber stamped by Khaw himself, so this says a lot about his leadership capabilities too. If your man fails you, throw him to the sharks to be devoured, and praise the next man you appointed to high heavens. It remains to be seen for how much longer will Neo be Khaw's blue eyed bot, before things start to turn bad again. 

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