Lee Wei Ling, daughter of the late Lee Kuan Yew is once again speaking up on the 38 Oxley issue. She claims that the demolition is not a certain issue, which is why she chose to speak up on it again. 

"Papa doesn’t mince words, yet a special committee of the Cabinet was formed to divine what Papa really wants!! As I stated in a Facebook post previously, one has to be remarkably dumb or ill-informed to not know what LKY wanted to happen to his marital home."

Both Lee Wei Ling and her brother Lee Hsien Yang has been fighting for their father's dying wish - to demolish the house when Lee Wei Ling has no use for it anymore. LKY also did not want the house to be turned into a shrine for him and was "strongly against any personality cult and to date, no major structure in Singapore has been named after him."

Lee Wei Ling also mentioned that the mother was a private person. 

"she does not want the public tramping through her family home."

She claims that the PAP is trying to build a personality cult but she believes that Singapore should move forward and continue to survive beyond LKY.

But I am certain that forming a LKY personality cult is bad for Singapore. I had to move on after Papa’s demise and so should all Singaporeans. 

It is obvious that the daughter just wants nothing but to see the house demolished - in accordance to his father's final wish.

"Papa gave his whole life to toiling for Singapore. Surely Singaporeans can find it in their hearts to grant my father his unwavering wish."

Lee Hsien Yang has also shared the post from her sister on his Facebook page. You can read Lee Wei Ling's full post below:

PM Lee's press secretary has also mentioned in a brief statement that PM Lee's siblings can also choose to testify in court together with TOC editor Terry Xu and let the court establish the facts. It is not known whether they are intending to do so.

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