Andrew Gosling, an Australia national, was charged in caught for causing a death by performing a rash act.

The victim, 73 year old Nasiari Sunee, was strucked on the head by a wine bottle allegedly thrown by Gosling, causing a head injurt which led to his death.

One would fully understand if the family members bear a grudge against Gosling.

While they struggled to accept his demise, the family bears no ill-will towards the accused.

Writing on his own Facebook profile, the nephew of the deceased said:

So there is no need for us to now turn it into bitterness by rejoicing in his plight and predicament. Being vengeful just means stirring more hatred and truly there is already enough of that going on around the world.

Let it be known that we take pride ourselves as Muslims who are raised to never do onto others what we do not want others to do onto us. And .... That we do not hate but rather we seek to put the wrong to be right.

We may have lost a fatherly figure but we certainly do not want to take that same role figure away from his family.

For now, just let this case be best decided by the laws and regulations within our country because no amount of time or years spend in jail or for whatever amount of fine imposed can ever equate to losing the loved one we buried last week

Even in this time of grief, the family has demonstrated so much courage to protect the accused.

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