Former Singapore diplomat, Bilahari Kausikan, is not one who holds back on giving his unsolicited opinions on issues related to foreign policy and diplomacy.

This time, he criticised the protestors in Hong Kong for being delusional.

Bilahari thinks that objective of the Hong Kong people to "separate Hong Kong from PRC domestic law" is an impossibility.

He was also less optimistic on the outcome of any intervention by PRC President Xi Jinping, should Xi's hand be forced.

What does Bilahari know about what's possible and impossible in Hong Kong?

He is a foreigner who has no say on what the Hong Kong people can, or cannot do. If Roy Ngerng's support for the pro-democracy protesters is seen as foreign intervention, what do you make of Bilahari and his take on the group? Does Bilahari not support democracy?

Apart from his brashness, Bilahari is like all other PAP-type bureacrats who are smart, but whose imagination is limited, and whose thoughts are restricted by PAP groupthink.

The Hong Kong people knows what's best for themselves. It is their lives and their futures that are at stake. They are taking ownership of it. 

It is certainly not Bilahari's place to tell them what to do about their future.



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