Many of us have to stand the sight of our PAP MPs around their wards on huge billboards. Foo Seck Guan Kenneth, brought this up after he did his rounds around the Tampines estates. 

He spotted three different billboards on two different occasions - Deepavali and Mid Autumn Festival. These billboards were used by PAP to spread their greetings to the citizens in their wards. Out of curiosity, Foo went to enquire about the price of such billboards. Here is the breakdown of cost:

1. Printing of board - approx $15,000
2. Counter weight - approx $10,000
3. Structure - approx $2,000
4. PE - approx $1,000
Total cost approx $28,000

$28,000 for one billboard. Three of them is approximately $84,000. Two occasions? $168,000. 

Foo questioned if they could have done this better, by making use of the newly installed electronic boards at void decks now. He also questioned if the money allocated to the People's Association is well spent to benefit the citizens.

To us, they have never really spent money to better our lives. Only occasionally giving out chicken wings to citizens to make us happy for a little while. Is this how we want our money to be wasted? Is this the kind of party we want in our wards? Spending money for their own ego? I'm sure many of us would answer no. But let us show it through our votes soon. We will not stand for this.

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