A Singaporean mother was distraught that her son got wounded from a bus stop bench. Her child sat on a bench near Buangkok MRT station without realising that it had a rusty nail protruding from it. 

"His leg was bleeding as the nail was sharp. Alarmed, we went to Buangkok MRT station to inform the staff of it and see what they could do."

She praised the station staff for trying to pry the nail out although the bench is not under SMRT. 

"He told us that he was going to check out the rusty nail to see what could be done at his end.

We led him to where the rusty nail was at and he tried using the plier to get the nail out, but could not. So he resorted to gripping the nail and pulling it inward and upward so that it would be less likely to hurt anyone before any other action is done (after reporting).

My son and I would like to express our sincere thanks to this staff who has gone beyond his call of duty. We regret not having asked for his name then, but hope that SMRT will be able to take note of this kind act of this staff from Buangkok MRT station.

He kind act truly made our day."

Nice to hear that there are still gracious Singaporeans despite the world we live in today.

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