Yup you read that right. The biggest Merlion in Singapore is slated to be torn down by the end of this year to make way for new developments in Singapore. Specifically, a bridge. The Merlion, which sits at the heart of Sentosa will be demolished to make way for a $90 million sensoryscape which will be linking the North and South shores. It will be replacing the current walkway.

Of course, many Singaporeans are not happy with this. Saying that it's a bad omen and the likes. Honestly, how many of us Sinkies go to Sentosa nowadays? It's just a money grabbing tourist trap. We go there perhaps once or twice a year at most. So once again, to attract more tourists to Singapore, they are killing off the biggest Sentosa's icon. A Singapore icon. What are we getting ourselves into?

There are six other Merlions in Singapore. Lets hope that they do not get demolished as well. Especially not for greed.

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