In 2017, a leak of the famous Sword Art Online movie caused some tensions between a movie distributor in Singapore and the copyright owners in Japan. They were on the verge of being blacklisted for future anime film releases. However, the tensions were eased, thankfully. They however, urged movie-goers to stop taking pictures and videos to leak on social media sites.

Now, another popular anime, One Piece, got their movie distributed by the same company. And yet again, someone posted a leak of the movie on Youtube. 

ODEX had to plead the movie-goers to stop doing these things as it will only result in Singapore being blacklisted for future releases. I guess the warnings for being charged does not scare our local movie-goers as they are obviously falling on deaf ears. Is there anything else our authorities can do to stop these recording and leaks?

The time ODEX spent on gaining the trust back from the copyright owners all gone to waste. So sad.

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