PAP must stop taking Singaporean for fools. During a parliamentary debate earlier yesterday, opposition MP Pritam Singh of WP pointed out that the Merdeka Generation Package (MGP) was timed to coincide with the elections.

Of course, the PAP refuted this. Senior Minister of State (SMS) for the Trade and Industry Ministry, Chee Hong Tat, refuted Pritam's claims, asserting that the MGP is not a pre-election sweetener.

PAP is going blind. It was already out of touch. Now, it is becoming blind. One only has to take a look back at our history over the past two decades to see similar instances of Singaporeans being inundated with "generous" packages from the government, in one form, or another.

If Chee is really true, then Lee Hsien Loong should not remain silent. Tell us when the elections will be held now. Then we can tell you if the MGP was deliberately times to coincide with the election.

What he would do is remain silent until the last possible moment, and then announce the election date. They always hope to catch the opposition unaware.

So when they eventually announce the elections, then they will say that it is just a mere coincidence.

Singaporeans are sick of the same old wayang. We may be kiasu, but we are not stupid, and we are not cheap.

The Merdeka Generation also cannot be bought.

So stop treating us for fools.


The writer, Faith, has no faith in the PAP.

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