There has been much commotion lately about the repeal of Section 377A in Singapore. This comes after the Indian Supreme Court struck down the same law in their country. Locally, Section 377A is a law that still exists. It criminalises consensual sex between men but according to the Government, is not actively enforced. Netizens from the pro- and anti-LGBT camps went up in arms and started petitions to drive their own causes.

At least two petitions were created by pro-LGBT supporters. They called for the Government to grant the minority LGBT community basic human rights and protect them from being trampled on by the majority who may oppose same-sex unions. 

"This is a petition against unjust discrimination and a movement for a truly inclusive and diverse Singapore, not a divisive and intolerant one. We believe that it is time to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code and that this repeal would be based on justice and equality, the core tenets of our Singaporean psyche."

The petition already surpassed 10,000 signatories and was sent to Lee Hsien Loong, K Shanmugam, Tan Chuan-Jin and the Prime Minister's Office yesterday. 

Meanwhile, more conservative Singaporeans also stepped up to create a petition to keep Section 377A. They empasised the importance of family values and marriage between men and women. They feared that the repeal of Section 377A will help normalise homosexuality in Singapore and make that the societal norm. To date, the petition has already gathered a whopping 88,000 signatures.

With the election looming in the next couple of years, do you think the Government will do anything to repeal Section 377A? How will they remain neutral while pleasing both sides? Do you think keeping quiet and taking the middle ground is the best way forward? 

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