Singaporeans has differing opinions on the ban of PMDs on footpaths. Some like it, some don't. Those that don't are more concerned of the livelihoods of these delivery riders/are users of such delivery services. Those that like it are those that probably do not use such services and have probably almost got knocked down by PMD riders before.

It doesn't matter if you like it or not though. These things are now in the hands of the relevant authorities. However, there are some who take it into their own hands to tell off errant riders.

It's fine if it's done nicely like this I suppose:

But some people are really taking it to the extreme. In a now viral post, netizen Liew Yong Liang posted a photo with a couple of delivery riders and the police. In his post, he alleged that a pedestrian pushed a rider down on a PCN despite the rider signaling from afar and even moving by slowly. He also alleged that the pedestrian shouted at the rider "YOU HOW CAN CYCLE HERE?!" 

In case you missed it, the PMD riders are still allowed on PCNs. Not only have the pedestrian misinterpreted the law, the pedestrian also took it into his own hands. Going as far as pushing the rider. Since when are civilians allowed to use violence to attack riders when the riders weren't even in the wrong?

You can read the full post here:

Well, we hope that the rider is well and things can get better for both the riders and normal pedestrians. 

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