A National Environment Agency (NEA) officer was speaking at a presentation during the 2019 Sustainable Innovation Expo in Nairobi, Kenya. During his presentation, he mentioned that Singaporeans might be asked to "pay as you throw" in the future as an effort to limit rubbish dumped by households.

This might involve radio frequency identification (RFID) in rubbish chutes to monitor and limit the amount of trash we are allowed to throw. He mentioned that with this new scheme, some might end up paying less.

Now think about it. What would you do if you can't clear your trash? Will more people become hoarders? Or will people just litter their void decks/streets and corridors? Is that what our Government is pushing us to do? 

Also, why are they always coming up with new ideas that involve us paying them? Why are they not thinking in the form of rebates - if we manage our waste properly, maybe we can get some rebates for our bills and such. Is this yet another way to get more funding for some more useless items so that they can wayang?

Their ideas continue to astound me. I "can't wait" to see what other genius ideas and excuses they come up with to take away our hard earned money and make our country a living hell. I swear soon they will put ERPs on our lifts to fund their stupid electronic boards.


Editors note: Do you think this idea of paying as you throw is good? Let us know!

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