A man going by @SP1DERBOI, recounted his story of how a man who complimented his shirt on train shared his life story.

This man, going by the name of Takalah was a sportsman who competed in many various activities and sporting events. He was also successful in getting himself a job placement at a renowned multinational firm. Unfortunately for him, he met in a bad accident and was in the ICU and brain surgery for 14 days before months of reconstructive surgery. He even had to relearn trivial things such a speech.



@SP1DERBOI mentioned that he had mad respect for Takalah. 6 years after his accident, Takalah now has a teaching degree and you can hardly tell that he met an accident. He speaks with fluent English and has no resentment for anything that has happened to him. And he only has half a brain.


Takalah is such an inspiring person. We could all learn a little from him.Because I know, if I were to be left with half a brain, I definitely would not be as successful as Takalah.

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