The national broadsheet The Straits Times have suddenly found themselves in the news and the centre of a brewing storm, when news emerged that two of its senior editors have been disciplined for having an improper relationship with an SPH scholar who was interning for them over separate periods.

An internal inquiry was convened after the intern was hospitalized last week for attempted suicide, but is now recovering at home. The intern is now recovering at home. While the nature of the improper relationship was not discussed, it was believed both editors was alleged to have used their position to have an affair with the staff. 

SPH have released a statement saying that they do not condone such behaviour, and the serious nature of this incident have led to both editors facing deisciplinary actions. One editor will be removed from his post, demoted and redeployed while the other will be given a written warning, have his salary docked, and redeployed. Both will reportedly no longer be holding editor posts anymore. 

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