On early Tuesday morning, a Sembawang resident encountered a nightmare that many Singaporeans would not even think possible: Mrs Chan Yin Ha was bitten by a python at a second storey HDB block that she lives in.

SHe was looking for her cat in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and her search had taken her to a tow of potted plants. This was when a 3m long python struck. She thought the snake would coil around her, so she screamed and freaked out, and immediately ran away. It was fortunate that the snake did not pursue her. By then bleeding profusely from the snake bite, she managed to make her way to her third storey unit. 

A neighbour then called the police after she saw a trail of blood leading away from the neighbour unit. Police were told about the python, and eventually, a pest control company was called in and managed to capture the snake. Mrs Chan was taken to Khoo Teck Phuat hospital, where she was given stitches for the wound and is now recovering.

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