A video of a few people pushing at each other during the Thaipusam procession was making its rounds on Facebook. Onlookers were busy taking videos while some men tried to restrain them from fighting. 

The footage did not reveal the cause of the fight but it looked like it was resolved quickly.

Some netizens said that they were foolish to fight at a religious event. Furthermore, it took the local Indian community a lot of effort to finally get to play music during the procession. 

"If u want them to grant your requests, you then need to set a good example. Thaipusam is a religious event, to thank the God for His blessings. Not MMA or street fight."

"I was there too how did the botah guy get trance when he was fully drunk saw him holding beer can earlier before this incident happened I even saw the police take him away. Drunkards don't get trance please don't disgrace God and our culture. There was no fight it's true but the bald head guy was diffinatly super drunk causing a scene."

Many people also requested for the video to be taken down.

Come on, it's a religious event. Isn't it basic for believers AND non-believers to show some respect?

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