Amanda Jillian Toh made a query with Singapore Police Force, asking if a person holding a certain pass can threaten a civilian.

In the post she person wrote,

Hi. Are those holding onto this kind of pass allowed to use it to threaten a civilian? Even if the civilian has not even committed a crime? They are allowed to do this and abuse this pass????

As usual, the police requested her to file a report instead.

In response she said that she had made a report and an investigation officer told her over the phone that 'it isn't considered a threat or abuse'. 

"From what I know, even police officers who are not on duty, are not allowed to abuse their pass this way. So is there a double standard in the SPF?"

"He was just unhappy with me and used this card to threaten me, the usual, report us for 'talking back' to the 'police', etc.. When we were talking about personal matter."

Amanda claimed that she has not committed any crime therefore unsure why the man treated her the way he did.

She was told by netizens that the 'man' was actually a retiree based on the picture of the card.



This look like a Membership Card actually right? Does it even contain power?



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