A Yishun resident have alleged that NEA officers have targeted her for holding on to a unlit cigarette that the person had wanted to throw in the dustbin. According to the account of the resident, the NEA officers were situated at Blk 747 Yishun.

The resident had finished smoking the cigarette at a non-sheltered area, which is not against the law. As this was around the MRT station, a rubbish bin was not located, as most of the bins are located at the void deck areas in the surrounding blocks. So the resident decided to walk further in to the shelter area in an effort to locate another bin nearby. However, after a few steps, the NEA officers, consisting of a lady and male officer, swooped in and claimed that the resident was holding a cigarette in a sheltered walkway, when in fact the person was about to throw it away.

After unsuccessfully pleading her case, she was summoned on the spot, with the NEA officers telling the resident to complain to her MP and get her case appealed.

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