Veteran opposition politician, Goh Meng Seng, has done the opposition cause no favours with his criticism of the Workers Party (WP) over the town council saga.

On his social media, Goh slammed the WP for what he deemed as their incompetence and mismanagement of their town council. He also lamented the lack of proper "checks and balances" in WP, emphasising the importance of good governance.


Simply put, Goh is of the view that he can't support the WP.

In the interest of a free media and freedom of expression, Goh is entitled to air his thoughts on the matter.  People who criticise him for his views are being hypocritical - they are doing what they have accused the PAP of doing to the opposition. 

Goh can choose to vote for whoever he choses to vote for whatever reasons.

However, let's not forget the bigger fish at hand.

Now, more than ever before, the ground is ripe for opposition parties to make greater inroads into parliament. Many have the conviction and believe that they will be members of parliament after the elections are done.

The key to the success is opposition solidarity.

A fragmented opposition will only play into the hands of the PAP. It is what the PAP wants.

The opposition must learn from this.

Instead of bickering with fellow opposition politicians, leaders like Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Pritam Singh, and Chee Soon Juan should focus on cooperation and charting the way forward for the opposition parties.



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