An endangered owl was found injured at Jurong West a few days ago. The poor owl stunned a resident by knocking onto a window pane and falling to the ground. It was later found with an injured leg.

The owl is reportedly an endangered Woody owl which is more commonly seen nowadays. 

According to a Facebook post by Ted Ng, people who notice an injured bird should call ACRES and wait there until help arrives.

"1) Call ACRES, wait for them to arrive, meantime check for any danger around for the bird. (Cats and dogs)

2) possible get a towel to cover the bird and place it in a box. Especially Raptors with sharp claws

3) Once ACRES collected the bird please take videos or photos as evidence to proof that you have handed over the bird and your job is done."

Poor animals. Now that Singapore is developing every possible plot of land into a business opportunity, where can they escape to? It is no wonder Singaporeans are increasingly having bizzare encounters with them these days.

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