An Indian banker who will be moving to Singapore has voiced her worries about not being able to find a job here. She is following her husband to our little red dot as he has been transferred here.

She thought that it would be easy for her to get a few interviews going as Singapore is a "wealth hub". Furthermore, she had knowledge and experience in the banking field. However, she was left devastated about the radio silence that greeted her job applications.

She was perplexed that none of the recruiters approached her as she has also expressed commitment to live in Singapore.

"I’m just hoping that when I actually land in Singapore, I’ll be able to speak to recruiters, because they’ll see that I’m ‘on the ground’. I think emails from overseas get deleted or ignored almost by default."

Despite all the hurdles, the Indian woman is optimistic about her move to Singapore as she will be able to earn much more once she really gets a job.

No, this is not good news as fellow Singaporeans all know that the Government loves foreign talents.

We are not sure about how stringent the rules are but one thing's for sure - she will be happy to know that she is favoured here.

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