The suspect in the StanChart robbery that happened way back in 2016 at the Holland Village branch, is appealing against his extradition from UK to Singapore to face charges. 

David James Roach, a 28 year old Canadian, had already filed in his appeal in the UK on the 31 October. It was confirmed that the British Secretary of State had ordered Roach to be extradited to Singapore. Roach has been in jail in Britain since January 11 this year after a request from Singapore for his extradition request. Roach had been accused of robbing $30,000 from the bank, and fled with his loot to Bangkok on the same day. He was arrested in Bangkok three days later and was held on remand, but Thailand rejected Singapore's extradition request. 

Roach was on his way to be deported to Canada from Thailand when he was arrested in the UK while on transit. 

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