Foreigners > Singaporeans? 

A woman was allegedly attacked by a male Caucasian at Marina One Cold Storage because he thought she was too slow at the self-checkout counter. She claimed that she did not provoke him at all and was disappointed with the staff for turning a blind eye. 

"Throughout the entire episode, despite this stranger raising his voice at me, hurling expletives filled with racist and sexist remarks, including calling me a 'Chinese cunt' and a 'fucking retard' for being slow at processing my purchases, I was not rendered any assistance or support from any of your staff."

She found it incredulous that the Caucasian man insisted on using her terminal when other counters were available. Helpless, she called for two of the Cold Storage staff to get security. One of them acknowledged but disappeared for about 10 minutes. The staff only came back after a while to ask if everything has been settled. She later said that she did not call security as she thought they were having a conversation. 

"HELLO!! I've already asked for security, I told her I was being harassed! HOW IN THE WORLD DID SHE COME TO A CONCLUSION THAT I WAS HAVING A NORMAL CONVERSATION?!!! There was no assistance rendered from any other cold storage staff, no one stepped in to help, MaryAnne (the cashier) was only focused on clearing her counter queue, ignoring everything else that was happening."

"While I cannot fault Cold storage for having violent, unreasonable customers like this Caucasian, there is something horribly wrong when the store manager leaves a victim alone with the attacker and disappears throughout the entire episode, only to reappear when the attacker is no longer there... During this time, I was pushed from the payment kiosk (while packing my groceries) by this stranger who insisted on using my payment terminal, and he continued to rain his violent verbal abuses on me."

"It is my first experience encountering something so random, so unprovoked, so violent, and I never felt more alone than how I did yesterday."

How can the staff leave her alone? In the bigger scheme of things, where is humanity? Were they afraid of confronting a foreigner even though he was clearly in the wrong?



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