A general practitioner (GP) from Wan Medical Clinic, Dr Muhammad Iqmal Bin Abdullah, is livid with the East Coast-Fengshan Town Council (ECFTC) after being fined for placing chairs outside the clinic overnight. 

According to Dr Muhammad, this has been a long-standing problem that he's had with ECFTC.

The chairs, Dr Muhammad says, are placed within a yellow box that is paid for by the clinic. They are meant for use by the sick and elderly as they wait their turn at his clinic.

He points out that Khaw Boon Wan, in his previous stint as Minister for Health, instructed for chairs to be placed outside Polyclinics so that they can rest. He was just following the example set by Khaw.

After finding out, Dr Muhammad, who was actually warded at Sengkang General Hospital (SKGH), ran away from the hospital to remove the chairs concerned. This was to prove his point to ECFTC that there are more important things in the estate to be concerned about. All this was captured on his FB live feed.

ECFTC clairified that they did not request Dr Muhammad to remove the chairs while he was in hospital. However, they urged him to keep the chairs in after business hours.

The town council seemed to have missed the point. The point is that the chairs are there to serve a purpose - to help the sickly and elderly patients. Do they really need to be removed after business hours and how does it affect the safety of the community?


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