A Singaporean man has issued an open letter to McDonald's Singapore, asking why the fast food chain have yet to offer any Indian inspired burger makeover, for special occasions such as Deepavali, and compared McDonals' treatment to other festivals such as CNY and Hari Raya.

The man, Aravin Sandran, said that McDonald's have offered such fares as the Chinese-inspired Prosperity Burgers, Samurai Burgers and Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burgers and the Malay-inspired Rendang Burgers and Nasi Lemak Burgers during festive occasions but has yet to offer an Indian-inspired meal for occasions like Deepavali.

The 29 year old says he is angry, as McDonald's can offer the Nasi Lemak burger just in time for the fasting month just so they can take advantage of a fellow ethnic minority community just to earn more dollars, but yet they fail to honour another ethnic minority group, for they never had any Indian inspired food sold at the fast foot outlets. 

The letter was published in the Buro 24/7 magazine, and in it, Aravin said he is glad that McDonald's is “thinking of our Muslim brothers and sisters during this fasting month”, yet he cannot recall McDonald's ever having any special food during Deepavali. 

He suggested a Masala Chicken Burger, saying a prata wrap would be a bad idea. May we also suggest having a tandoori butter chicken sauce since we are at it?

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