A man has claimed in his Facebook post that he caught on video two NEA officers who were seen smoking and throwing the used cigarette butts on the floor within the premises of a building. The NEA officers were then alleged to enter the premises of the building to catch smokers who were smoking inside the building, which they had been doing before their little smoke break.

The man who posted the video then said that he also want to summon them, as they are doing as and what they like. In the video, a man and a woman were seen standing outside the carpark of the building, and the man was clearly seen smoking. Both of them were wearing identification lanyards, although it is unsure whether they are from the NEA. Both of them proceeded to enter the building, with the man's hand that was holding on to the cigarette looks free of the butt, once he opened the door. 

It is prohibited to smoke at all multi-storey and basement carparks and any area within five metres of ventilation intakes, external windows, openings, entrances , and exits to buildings, as per NEA's Smoking Act. It is unclear if both the man and woman were indeed from NEA. Thus far, NEA have not issued any comments with regards to the allegations on FB. 

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