What would you do if you got scolded "shit -insert race-" just because you bumped into someone on the bus. This youth showed us what he would do, stay calm. A video posted by one Taufiq Istafan went viral on 19 Dec 2018 showing a man scolding a youth "Shit Malay" just because the boy bumped into him. According to Taufiq, the boy apologized profusely but the man continued to scold him. He was scolding the youth so much that a onlooker had to step in. 

The onlooker asked the man to stop his racist remarks to which the man replied "I only refer to him specifically (shit malay). I never said all malay what!" You can read the full post and watch the video here:

Did the man have to get so angry over such a small issue?

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