Will you be happy that your insurance premium is going up due to a car accident because you are not getting any demerit points? According to one Facebook user, William Lee, a private hire driver (PHV) was ecstatic that they can settle the accident privately and not get any demerit points.

Read the full FB post below:

"The PHV who whacked my taxi from behind in a chain collision wanted to private settle and pay me out of his own pocket. I wasn't too keen to private settle and told him I preferred to report this accident. He then told me that his demerit points are almost there, if report this accident means his driving licence will be suspended and he will not be able to drive anymore. I looked him in the eyes and could see his desperation even though he was telling me in a worried but calm manner.

At that moment, I don't know whether it was due to whiplash from the impact or some other thing, I began to have a headache. There he was still standing next to me and waiting for a favourable response from me to his request and made me more stress. Funny thing was I was even starting to consider whether to private settle and honestly I actually feel for him what would happen if he could not drive and stuck with contracts and things like that... Now his problem becomes my problem!

While I was struggling to think clearly from the headache, a strong cool gust of wind blew over where we were standing. I felt my headache slowly going away. Then it suddenly dawn on me what has this accident got to do with his demerit points? The TP wouldn't be bothered with this type of accident. They'll leave it to insurance to settle. So I turned to him and tell him that we are reporting to insurance, not to TP. Reporting to insurance will not increase his demerit points. Upon hearing what I said, his eyes brightened up a bit. Sensing that this may be his first time involved in accident, I explained to him that as long as no police report is necessary, his points will not increase and insurance will just pay for the damages on my taxi. He asked me to confirm what I said is true. I confirmed it is true.

Straightaway his face was like that of a small child being given a lollipop. I laughed secretly at the changes in his facial expression. I have never seen a guy who is going to be 100% liable for all damages to my taxi look so gratefully happy and talking to me like his own brother like I just saved his life."

At least he isn't getting his license revoked. Always look on the bright side of life amirite? But then again.. If you have that much demerit points already, do you deserve to be on the road?

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