Whose fault is it if a child cannot read basic words in Primary School? A Singaporean woman posted about how baffled she was when her students could not read simple words e.g. he, she, it. She strongly believes it is the parents' fault for not dedicating enough time to teach their children basic things.

"I don't want to say which race is the majority lah. You know, I know can already ah.

Busy working but you CANNOT spend time with your kid? Then why have kids in the first place?! Buat anak tau, didik dan jaga anak tak tau.

Please, if you think you don't have the means, there are these things called condoms and birth controls. They're cheaper than raising a child."

Given her phrasing, it is no wonder people are angry that she blatantly puts the blame on others instead of being sympathetic. She has apologised for coming across as harsh and has left her teaching job. However, she also stands by her point of view.

She said that the post was simply to "raise awareness" and maintains that it is important for people to see the need to help children read.

While it is important for parents to commit to their child's education, it is unbecoming for a teacher to make those remarks. What, so if a child cannot read, he or she is not valued in this world? What is she insinuating?

If she as an educator cannot help her students and instead, finds the time to openly diss parents online, what makes her a better person?

It is inevitable that teachers may feel disheartened from teaching sometimes but it is another thing entirely to shame students online. One can raise awareness in many ways and it does not always have to be in a harsh way. As an educator, shouldn't she have thought of a better way to "raise awareness"?

In her words, "my journey with MOE may have come to a halt. But I will not stop teaching. I still stand by what I said."

Look, nobody gives a hoot whether you stand by what you said. For all you know, it may not be much of a loss that she left.

With contributions from a concerned Singaporean parent

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