Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with McDonald's. Take Assiddiq Sallim for example, who was very angry at the fast food chain for removing the Spicy Chicken McWrap from their menu. 

You must read his story.

"From a young age I had a strong dislike of white bread to the point that i was unable to consume it... for many years since then have i felt left out and jealous as my peers would share how much they love the McSpicy chicken."

Imagine how happy he must have been when McDonald's introduced a Spicy Chicken McWrap? He would eat it every week because he doesn't have to deal with disgusting white bread anymore.

But imagine how his world collapse when they removed it from the menu a few weeks ago. He could not find anything elsewhere that tastes as satisfying and was confused as to why it was discontinued. 

"I was disappointed, distraught, confused and most of all hungry."

Poor Assiddiq. Can McDonald's save him from hunger by putting the Spicy Chicken McWrap back on its menu? Surely there's more than one customer who is starving without the McWrap.

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