Ofo, the bike sharing firm operating in Singapore that has become embattled over in recent months, have apparently told their operations staff not to bother turning up to work after 31 January. This lay off occurred just a few days before the Chinese New Year Holidays.

Ofo have recently been in the news as it was reported that the China based company owed at least $700,000 to its creditors. And as further confirmation of how desperate their situation is, the company through its acting general manager Jack Zhou, have called up 9 or 10 individuals over the phone that 31 January would be their last day of work. The staff were not given any reasons for their termination, and they did also did not receive a one month compensation, as stated on their contracts. However, they did receive their salary for the month of January. 

The Ministry of Manpower have not spoken out about this latest development. 

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